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    Housewares represent a product market traditionally dominated by porcelains, ceramics, resin castings and stone. Scratch, stain and chemical resistance is vital in applications that demand the ultimate in aesthetics.

    BMC 1000 is the low cost dishware material, while BMC 1100 is the engineering solution to one of the toughest housewares equations of them all. BMC 1100 provides surface hardness, high gloss, smooth profile, molded-in color, food contact safety and color retention to 300°



    Kitchen and Bath


    Kitchen and Bath applications benefit from BMC's corrosion and stain resistance

    BMC 300 will meet the requirements of any aesthetically sensitive application - from the flawless requirements of a bright white sink with over 1,000 square inches of cosmetic surface, to the earthy look of marble and granite.



    Major Appliances


    Large appliance components have greater durability requirements than many other part designs. With a life expectancy of ten years or greater, the internal and external environments associated with large appliances include exposure to heat, corrosives, weather, load and impact.
    BMC 300 offers the Granite-X series, a material created to look like stone. Engineered to endure the harsh outdoor environment, this material provides superior heat and stain resistance.
    Stain resistant BMC 310 and high gloss, UL 94-V0 recognized BMC 350 meet the stringent surface requirements placed on control panels, trim pieces and handle applications
    BMC 400has demonstrated years of successful use when molded into A-coil drip pans, blower motor housings, brush holders, etc. All of these components¡¦ performance specifications outline long-term creep, corrosion and demanding physical property specifications

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