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    BMC, Inc. manufactures a variety of products for demanding automotive applications that require the ultimate in dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. BMC replaces metals and high-priced thermoplastics in the transportation industry at a lower cost. BMC offers the design engineer a significant cost savings and a superior product. Without fail.

    GM's 3800 valve cover (BMC 685) was a one on one replacement for die cast aluminum. It is currently used on over 9 different models and is the longest running passenger car valve cover application in the industry

    Since the mid 1980's, BMC 304 and BMC 5610 have been lighting the way to a brighter future in headlamp reflector applications. They offer a compatibility with coatings and adhesives that allow designers to utilize complex reflector shapes for optimum performance. BMC 324 No Base Coat is a product that can be directly metallized and is approved by GM, Ford and Daimler Chrysler for use in foglamps.


    We provide Thermal Materials, EMI Shielding Materials, Polymer and Adhesives Materials, Insulation Materials, Inductive Components and Bulk Molding Compounds. Now, we are expanding to Building and Construction Materials.Our products gained quality certification and office networks in HK, Taiwan, Dongguan, Chengdu and Shanghai, Emei provides excellent value-added services including fabrication, adhesion, lamination, repackaging as well as 3 dimensions delivery & technical advice service in the Greater China.


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